Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 108, 4/19/09 Sunday, Year Five Dancer & Daedee: Gifts from our Eagles

Hello Eagle Friends,

It was a rainy day in the valley. Unlike the rain-spattered trout fisherman, I was covering the edges of the marshes and grasslands documenting the lives of eagles sporting a rain-soaked down jacket.

It looks like we may have lost our eagle pair on nest 5. 4 Days, no activity, no parents, nothing. I never could be sure if they even had eaglets, because I have to shoot from a half mile a way, but for the parents not to even be in their nest area that doesn't seem right. They should have eaglets that are almost 3 weeks old. They were the second pair to nest this year.

They are an old pair of eagles, likely 18 years or more so I will keep watching, documenting anything I see. I hope I am just arriving during times they switch off the nest. In my experience, the eagles don't leave young eaglets alone, usually one parent is on the nest until they are older, or very close to the nest. I'm hoping that is the case, I'm hoping mom or dad is sitting somewhere in the trees.

All the 2009 eaglets have hatched in Whitewater, except nest 6. I think they may have another one arriving. They have a 2 day old eaglet now.

The geese should be hatching tomorrow, and all week on the nests I'm watching. Which brings me to Hapless Harry. It took me awhile to find out what kind of duck was even trolling the marshes and back sloughs.

It turns out he is a muscovy duck, probably a feral muscovy, or someone's pet or 4-H project that was dumped. I hope that's not the case, because they didn't do this duck any favors by dumping him, if that is even the case.

Considering his tail feathers are stubs, like you see on ducks living in a small wire pens, and his flight feathers are few and far between, I don't think he flew in. He's living in an area thick with 3-4 foot in diameter snapping turtles, and a dozen bald eagles, coyote, and I should not even mention turkey hunters who my mistake his appearance on first glance for a turkey?

I'm actually surprised he has survived 4 days already. I met a couple men from Northfield, MN who saw two of the ducks and asked me if I knew what they were. I have not located the second duck, and fear the worse.

I've decided to do a documentary on this peculiar ducks life. I'm calling it, Hapless Harry The Minnesota Muscovy Duck Documentary. Wild muscovy ducks come from Central and South America, but most likely these are feral ducks from what I am finding out.

Maybe you know more about Harry? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Meanwhile, while searching for his identity I found a site,, a muscovy duck rescue that needs donations of food, and other needs to keep their doors open. If you can donate, let them know Hapless Harry, The Minnesota Muscovy Duck Documentary sent you.

As for Hapless Harry? Maybe I got it all wrong, and maybe this is truly a "lucky duck" story. I'll keep you posted.

Also, wanted to confirm we have twins on nest 2. Bryan Ranger and The Sunshine Scout, these eaglets are named for our Military and their families this year. I shot this photo in almost total darkness, trying out the 3200 ISO on my new Canon camera. I don't like the grain, but that shot would not have happened without pushing the ISO.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2/09 Thursday, Day 92

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary. The eagles have been keeping busy all winter and are all sitting on eaglets or eggs. You can read all about their days in my Year Five Dancer & Daedee: Gifts from our Eagles, book.

Last night I had the opportunity to watch The Mayor, the nest 2 male, interacting with his and Judy's only offspring, Terry Gail, who will be 1 year old on 4/7/09.

Terry Gail would not let him out of her sight. She would chase after him, land on the top of his back, and he would fly off his perch and back into the air. However, while he raced through the sky, she flew above him on invisible air, and she would roll him across the sky. I got some wonderful shots of their time together.

If you have a few minutes, check out the video link below. It's my eagle story on Ron Schara's MN Bound.

Also, just wanted to let everyone know my eagle exhibit at the National Eagle Center will be moving to White Wolf Creek Gallery in Stockholm, WI, and will open the end of April.

With so many of my photos stolen last year from here, and my captions removed with new captions inserted giving entirely different stories to my work, I am not sure that I will add new photos here. I do hope you'll visit one of my galleries, and my Websites to see the work.

Thanks for all your support, too.